Kibogora Polytechnic is committed to protect dignity, safety, rights, health and well-being of research participants and investigators. All researches hosted by Kibogora Polytechnic should be in the line with the Research Policy of Kibogora Polytechnic and comply with Rwanda Ministerial Instructions N003/2010 of 09/12/2010 published in Rwanda official Gazette of 24/12/201, and rules and regulations of conducting research activities in Rwanda published on 10/01/2015 by Rwanda Directorate of Science, Technology and Research.

Kibogora Polytechnic appoints every two years a Research Ethics Committee (REC) comprised by:

  • Chairperson whose main responsibilities are to elaborate REC plans, lead REC activities, convene REC meetings, and submit quarterly activities report to the office of Vice-Chancellor.
  • Vice-Chairperson who acts as Chairperson in his/her absence. .
  • Two health professionals (e.g. nurse, social worker, clinical psychologist) .
  • One minister of religion.
  • Three members with knowledge of research conducted at Kibogora Polytechnic .
  • One member with good knowledge of national laws .

Women constitute at least 30% of REC members.

REC receives applications for research ethical clearance certificate and decides its issuance. REC may also decide to direct some applications to other competent national, regional or international ethics bodies for issuing the ethical clearance certificate.


  • REC Chairperson receives an application by email, shares it to all REC members within 2 DAYS to ask them to review independently the application, convenes REC meeting within 10 DAYS to decide an issuance of ethical clearance certificate or a request of amendments, and informs the decision to the applicant within the next 2 DAYS via email.
  • All applications and reviews are kept electronically and confidentially.
  • REC makes a follow up of approved projects to ensure that the ethical guidelines are being respected by researchers and may require a re-examination of the project whenever necessary.
  • REC should organize a yearly training about Research Ethics to all REC members, staff and students.
  • REC should exchange regularly with other national and international ethics committees to keep the members updated about ethics principles and ethical review procedures.
  • The Senior Management of Kibogora Polytechnic may command an audit to check about the procedures of issuing ethical clearance, documentation of the meetings, archiving of the documents, applicants satisfaction and any other issue of interest.


SECTION A: Project Information

The full research proposal has to be submitted within the application file and should contain the following information:

  • Names, affiliation, contact and qualification of all investigators. The principal investigator should be indicated.
  • Summary of the research proposal in Kinyarwanda and English/other language
  • Justification of the research based on the most recent publications
  • Main and specific objectives of the research
  • Methods of collecting and analyzing data including details on research site, sampling methods, inclusion/exclusion criteria, research facilities, statistical analysis
  • Justification for involving humans
  • Justification and treatment of the control group
  • Foreseeable risks for research participants including researchers
  • Arrangements (e.g. insurance, indemnity,) for monitoring and dealing with
  • consequences that might result from participating in the research
  • Budget and timing of activities
  • Conflicts of interests

SECTION B: Ethical Clearance Application (To be filled by Applicant (s)) Please answer all of the following questions

Click here to download the Ethical Clearance Application form