Welcome message from Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Office
Dr Sosthene Habumuremyi

Welcome to KP webpage for Deputy Vice-Chancellor Office. The Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor is part of the Vice-Chancellor Office which is principally in charge of coordination of daily activities and administration of the Institution. In particular, the Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor coordinates academic activities of the study programs, monitors the work of Academic Quality and Research Office, and supervises the Office of Dean of Students. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor is a member of KP Council, the Vice-Chair of the Senate, and the Vice-Chair of the Senior Management Committee.

Dr Sosthene Habumuremyi joined KP in August 2016 as the Director of Quality, Research and Consultancy. He has ten years of teaching experience at university level. He taught in different universities including Mount Kenya University, INES-Ruhengeri, University of Gitwe, and different Colleges of University of Rwanda. Dr Sosthene Habumuremyi holds a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from EISMV, Senegal; a Master’s degree in Applied Biology and Biologic Systems Modelling from UPB, Burkina Faso; and a PhD degree in Biology from Max Planck Institute EVA/University of Leipzig, Germany.

His contact information:

Dr Sosthene Habumuremyi
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Kibogora Polytechnic
BP31 Rusizi
Phone/WhatsApp: +250783302561
Email: h1sosthene@hotmail.com
Skype: sosthene.habumuremyi