Our Organs

The Board: Kibogora Polytechnic is governed by a Board of Directors. In line with the Law, the Board determines the strategies of the institution, the policy framework, the annual budget, accounts and reports, and the fee and remuneration policies. The Board receives minutes from Senate and Executive Council to be assured that these organs are functioning correctly. The Board appoints the Rectorate (Rector, Vice Rector Academic and Vice Rector Administration & Finance).

The Chair of the Board is appointed by the Owner of the institution, the Free Methodist Church of Rwanda. The Owner also appoints six members of the Board including at least two Founders of the institution from the original Members of APMLPE. The Rectorate, and representatives of staff and students constitute the other members of the Board.

Its current Chairman is Rev Dr Innocent Iyakaremye.

The Senate: is the supreme organ responsible for academic affairs, research and education. It determines the admission, progression and awards of students. It maintains the quality and standards of the institution and is supported in this task by the Quality Committee and the Research Committee.

Its members are the Executive (see below), staff and student representatives from each Faculty, and a representative from each of ICT, the Library and the Administrative staff. Its current chairman is Professor David Hamblin, the Rector

The Executive Council: is responsible for assuring the financial and operational health of the institution, and is advisory to the Rector. Executive Council plans the operations of the institution in line with the budget presented to and approved by the Board.

The Executive are the Rectorate, Deans/Heads of each Faculty, Dean of Students, Academic Registrar, the Director of Academic Quality and the Chaplain. Its current chairman is Professor David Hamblin, the Rector