… qualified and experienced personnel run the institution. The VC and the Deans have wide experience in managing HLIs and useful connections that have benefitted the institution since its inception.


The library has enough textbooks for the programs being offered and also has enough reading space for the number of students enrolled.


The Audit team was impressed with (the) laboratories – one of the best in all the HLIs visited. They are clean spacious functional and well arranged for teaching-learning activities. Careful consideration has been put on issues such as space, security, lighting and accessibility. They are thus fit-for-purpose.


KP has good investment and state of the art ICT infrastructure and relevant programs and facilities… for students self learning.
KP is a young but ambitious institution. But the … staff talked to indicate their desire to be active in academic research and publication… The lecturers the audit team talked to are some of the few academic staff across HLI in Rwanda who are motivated, aggressively looking for partnerships abroad and asking for the opportunity to broaden academic programs so that they can do research and publish.


Satisfactory and fit-for-purpose.

The institution is commended for good focus,

good infrastructure and teaching-learning facilities for its programs.



Nursing and Midwifery


Prayer Day April 2017

From: Dean of students’ office

To: KP Community (students and staff)