ICTThe KP ICT Department plays the key role through the provision of high quality information recourses and services to students, Kibogora Polytechnic staff, and researchers in using ICT Lab computers, wireless which is under control.

Our ICT lab is equipped with desktop computers connected to a Fiber Optic internet that provides acceptable speed for web browsing and Google search. This lab is used by all KP students to write their class papers/assignments or doing research on internet.

Mission: Grant access to quality knowledge,education and research,trainings.

Monday-Friday  8h: 00 AM-23h:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday      6h: 00 AM-23h:00 PM       


KP ICT Departmentoffers services:

1. Internet services, Facilities to the  wireless,Maintainance.

2.Training to the Computer Microsoft office  (Word,Excel,Power Point)


1. Students   are prohibited to enter into the lab unless authorized by the responsible.

2. Scan   all   removable   disks before using them.

3. Report all problems related to the system to the responsible.

4 Not attempt to repair or tamper with lab equipment.

5. Be responsible when using equipment, software and facilities in the lab.

6.Not move any equipment from its original position.

7 .Not   remove or load any software into the computer.

8 .Not change the settings in the computer.

9. Any equipment damaged or lost will be repaired and /or paid by the one who damaged or lost it.

10.  Save all work in external storage device and not in the computer.

11.  Not   bring   in   bags food and drink into the lab.

12. Turn   off the computer accordingly after use.

13. Internet facility is strictly for educational purposes only.

14. Silence must be observed strictly into the computer lab.

15. The Lab should be kept clean and tidy at all times.

16.  People from outside of the school are prohibited to enter into the Computer lab unless are permitted by responsible.


KP ICT Department has got IT Manager and IT assistants.

Clotilde UWINEZA

CONTACT INFORMATION.                                                                  

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