Rules & Regulations


1.Library is only registered to staff,enrolled students of the university and full members of kp organisation (excess APMLPE)

2.External individuals should apply to the director of finance and administration for a library pass with two forms of identity card; fee has to be charged .Any external individual wishing to borrow any information material must have ID card in the university pattern, showing images, name and special numbers and Barcodes, a further fee is charged by the card provider.

3. The Library normally starts from Monday up to Saturday from 8:00am-9:00pm ,Sunday from 14:00-21pm

4.Taking any information material whether books or any other information materials without a formal loan is Disciplinary offence.

5.Smoking ,Eating and drinking is totally prohibited (except)water while in library

6.Minus studying, no any other activity that is allowed to be done in the library.

7.Musical instruments, phones and any other related materials are not accepted to be used in the library.

8. Every Library user should keep maximum silence while in the library.

9.Only reference books are not borrowed by any one either students or staff members.

10.The Library computers are only for the attendants.

11. Loans, requests and returns should only be made by the library clients, ID cards or student’s cards or kp membership cards are mandatory for loans, requests and returns: and must be returned on due date or before the due date.

12.  The maximum books to be borrowed in a week are two.

13.  Loans are maximum of seven days, and then thereafter, penalties of 200rwf per day are applied, maximum penalties are 2000rwf, and then other administrative measures shall be taken.

14.  Issuing process must be done only at the circulation desk (checking ragages, removing jackets and alike. 


15. Fines and charges for lost/damaged books will be regarded as debts to kibogora polytechnic (kp) and in case of payment, a defaulter will be liable to disciplinary action.

16. Any disorder or misconduct or breach of rule and regulations will be rendering the user liable to suspension from the library services not withstanding any appropriate action.

NB: The library rules and regulations are subject to revision in full or in part at any time.


KP library has got librarian and library assistants.


LIS (KP library) 2014.

Position: University librarian