Senators hold a public lecture on Fundamental Principles of the Rwandan constitution

Monday 15th  May, 2017 at Kibogora Polytechnic , Senators Hon. BIZIMANA Evariste and Hon. Prof. BAJYANA Emmanuel hold a public lecture on Fundamental Principles of the  Constitution of 2003 with Amendments through 2015.

 Deputy Vice Chancellor Dariya MUKAMUSONI  welcomed the guests,after   feeling  welcome ,Hon. BAJYANA Emmanuel explained the following 6 fundamental principles that The State of Rwanda committed itself to upholding.

  1. Prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide, fighting against denial and revisionism of genocide as well as eradication of genocide ideology and all its manifestations;
  2. Eradication of discrimination and divisionism based on ethnicity, region or on any other ground as well as promotion of national unity;
  3. Equitable power sharing;
  4. Building a State governed by the rule of law, a pluralistic democratic Government, equality of all Rwandans and between men and women which is affirmed by women occupying at least thirty percent (30%) of positions in decision-making organs;
  5.  Building a State committed to promoting social welfare and establishing appropriate mechanisms for equal opportunity to social justice;
  6. Constant quest for solutions through dialogue and consensus.

After a deep explanation of the above principles, participants got a time for asking questions and satisfying answers were given by Senators.

On the first day Senators met with Staff and on the following day they met with students.

Senators also visited facilities in  Nursing , Midwifery and Biomedical Laboratories.

Nursing Skills Laboratory

Midwifery  Skills Laboratory

Biomedical Skills Laboratory