Developing countries including Rwanda experience a shortage of midwives; this handicaps implementation and achievement of certain health programs especially attainment of MDGs 4 and 5.

The program is designed to prepare professional midwives with the necessary knowledge, attitudes, clinical expertise and technical skills necessary to function as a competent, effective and caring practitioner. The overall aim of this program is to train competent midwives who can contribute to effective planning and delivery of health care based on client-centered approach and evidence- based practice.

Students who successfully complete this program will be equipped enough to practice safely and competently in community and in clinical areas including maternity, pediatric, and neonatal units by meeting national and international standards of midwifery practice.

Philosophy, Ethics & Rwandan Culture Anatomy & Physiology II
Introduction to Communication Skills & IT Fundamentals of Nursing II
Human & Social Sciences Biomedical Sciences
Anatomy & Physiology I Clinical Placement I
Fundamentals of Nursing I  
Adult Health Nursing I Reproductive Health
Applied Pharmacology Community Health Nursing
Midwifery Sciences I Health Measurement & Research Methods
Clinical Placement II Clinical Placement III
Advanced Diploma in Midwifery - LEVEL THREE/FOUR  
Midwifery Sciences II Child Health Nursing
Tropical and Communicable Diseases Clinical Placement V
Leadership, Management & Quality Assurance  
Clinical Placement IV  

Key Facts

Award Type: Advanced Diploma in Midwifery
Level: Undergraduate
Study mode: Daytime
Delivery Method: Standard
Course Length: 3 years
Language of teaching: English
Start Month: September, March
Entry requirements: Successful completion of secondary L6 in MCB or similar program, with primary passes in biology and chemistry and secondary passes in maths or physics, or nursing experience. A2 nurses considered for admission to Level One. Ability to study in English

In line with our policy of continual improvement, all programs are subject to change.