Public talk on current challenges and opportunities of youth in Rwanda

On 25th July 2018, in Kibogora Polytechnic (KP) the public lecture on current challenges and opportunities of youth in Rwanda were given to KP community by Mayor of Nyamasheke District KAMALI Aime Fabien and the personnel in charge of Business Development and Employment (BDE) Jovith HABYARIMANA

The mayor of Nyamasheke district reminded KP students the opportunities they have like equal access studies and job opportunities for every Rwandan, easy access to ICT, business development and employment fund for youth in Rwanda and others.

Mayor of NYAMASHEKE District,Mr. KAMALI Aime Fabien, addressing to KP community

He also talked about challenges the Rwandan youth are facing today, but also he provides some of the solutions to those challenges. He urged students to have open mindset and utilize the opportunities they have now to prepare the better future.

Mr.Jovith HABYARIMANA, the personnel in charge of business development and employment (BDE) in Nyamasheke district, in his presentation, he urges KP students to scan opportunities they have in their surrounding environment and try to overcome challenges they facing. He reminded KP students that SACCOs is the one of opportunities they have to take into account.

Mr.Jovith HABYARIMANA addressing the audience

Mr. BUMBALI Machiaver, a researcher and lecturer in business development area, reminded KP student that “ones starts small and ends big”.


Mr. BUMBALI Machiaver, Head of department of Business and Development Studies addressing the audience

The Vice Chancellor of KP, Dr. Dariya MUKAMUSONI, concluded the public talk by thanking Nyamasheke District authorities and asked KP student to be creative and innovative.

The vice Chancellor of KP, Dr. Dariya MUKAMUSONI, addressing the speech.

Student giving their contibution to the lecture.

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