Parliamentarians hold a Public Lecture on Anti-corruption in KP

On Friday 24th ,2017 parliamentarians in collaboration with Nyamasheke District held a public lecture on anti-corruption in Kibogora Polytechnic.

The main objective of the public lecture was to raise the awareness of Rwandans in general and that of public and private institutions on the fight against corruption in all its forms.

In her welcome remarks, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr Dariya MUKAMUSONI welcomed the participants and briefly introduced guests.

Honorable KARENZI KARAKE who highlighted the laudable achievements made by the government with regard to the fight against corruption,stated that the efforts must be increased so that corruption may be removed in the areas where it still existing. The steps taken by the government of Rwanda in the fight against corruption are recommendable. This is demonstrated by various reports such as the one of the World Bank on doing business. ‘’Rwanda is among the 10 least corrupted countries in Africa.

Therefore, Rwandans should ensure that this trend does not take a reverse direction. Although we still have a long way to go we should be proud of what we have achieved’’ he mentioned. He particularly pointed out the areas of concern such as public procurement, service delivery and the recruitment process. He castigated attendees to desist from all behavior that would lead them to corruption tendencies and practices.

I her speech,Honorable KANKERA Marie Josée described the family planning strategic plan for the Rwandan Government.

The lecture ended with a session of questions from participants and appropriate answers were given accordingly.

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