KP in services to the community delivery through community work –UMUGANDA

On 27 July 2018, KP staff and students in partnership with Nyenyeri village held a community work UMUGANDA by doing a survey named “water, sanitation and Hygiene household” in Nyenyeli cell, Kibogora Sector , Nyamasheke district.

The main activity was to gather information about water, sanitation and hygiene household by passing house to house. They worked in groups where each group was composed by one people from KP and two or three people from Kibogora cell and each group had to visit one house in Nyenyeri village and collect information. Questionnaires were used to collect information about house demographic data, hand washing practices and knowledge to diseases cautions, water sources, sanitation and observation of toilettes bath and shower facility.

Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor of KP explaining how the survey will be done

Student from KP in the survey


Afrer Umuganda Community work

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