The induction week for new students was closed

On the Evening of to 6th October 2017, at KP the induction week with the theme "Accountable, self-reliant, the graduates we want" was closed. The induction week started from 2nd October to 6th October 2017 and it was aiming at providing orientation and guidance to new students entering Universities, and higher learning institutions, training them on the new life of living in campus, inter rules and regulations of the institution and specifically about teaching them the values and norms of Rwandan culture.

New students were shown the campus

Students were given a lecture on “Ndi umunyarwanda"


Students were given a lecture on “Saving for investment as path to self reliance"

umukorongiro guhanga udushya

District representative opening the induction week

DVC welcoming new students

NIC representative expressing to student

Intore yo umukondo ijya guhabwa izina



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