3rd Graduation ceremony: Dr. Emmanuel Muvunyi calls on graduates to be innovative

On 27th October 2017, 258 students were awarded degrees from KIBOGORA Polytechnic where graduates declared their commitment to use their knowledge, skills and competences for the benefit of the Nation and people of Rwanda.

Chancellor of KP,Ian Higginbothanm adressing his speach

In his remarks,Dr Emmanuel Muvunyi  expressed his gratitude to the KIBOGORA POLYTECHNIC for their contribution in the education especially in the western province. Besides, he thanked KIBOGORA POLYTECHNIC to its use of ICT in teaching and learning process especially the use of e-learning platform called MOODLE.He reminded graduates about the stiff competition on job market and therefore urged them to work hard for job creation and innovation for them to thrive.

Dr Emmanuel MUVUNYI expressing his speach

Among the speakers at the event was Mr Ntaganda Eduin who addressed the gathering on behalf of graduates. He commended the University of Rwanda for its outstanding support in the process of their studies while acknowledging the Government of Rwanda’s efforts in the education of its citizens. He also asked graduates to have belief in themselves which according to him will help them to reach their goals and ultimately fulfill their dreams.

Graduation procession

From right to left, Prof David Hamblin the Vice Chancellor of KP, Dr. Emmanuel MUVUNYI director of HEC and Ian Higginbothem the Chancellor ok KP

Best Performers were awarded tablets

Graduates were given their degrees on the same day of graduation

The 3rd graduation ceremony was celebrated in a beautifull places near lake kivu

Academic staff were present 

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