Member of Parliament visited KP

On Monday, 13th November 2017, MPs visited KP, where they shared ideas with KP community on how to speed up the development of the western province region and the whole country through education.

Dr. MUKAMUSONI Dariya, the Deputy Vice chancellor of KP explained how KP is helping the Rwandan community by offering quality of education in educating health nurses and midwives, producing people who will speed up the development in rural areas, educating qualified teachers and doing researches that help people to improve their lives.

Honorable NYIRAHIRWA Veneranda thanked KP Staff and authorities to the development of the western province and asked them to continue in the same way in order to eradicate the poverty and its consequences.

KP Deputy Vice chancellor, Dr. MUKAMUSONI Dariya explaining how KP is achieving its mission and showed the MPs challenges KP in particularly and Rwandan education in general are facing. She showed the challenge of low level in English of students who are attending universities in these days, the internet network which is not reliable and its high price, and suggested what can be solutions.

Hon. Edda MUKABAGWIZA, asking how KP is contributing to development of western region. 

Group photo of KP Community and MPs

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