New KP student union Committee were sworn-in

A colourful event took place at KP on 9th November 2017. This is nothing else other than the swearing-in ceremony for the newly elected KP Students Union’s Executive committee

Presided over by the outgoing Arbitration Committee, the event was honoured by the presence of the Deputy vice chancellor of KP, Dr Dariya MUKAMISONI. Were also present the army representative, the Director of Administration and finance of KP, Dean of student welfare and lecturers.

The guild president of outgoing executive committee drew the new guild track record and mentioned challenges the outgoing committee faced. These challenges are to be met by the new guild. Responding to this speech, the new guild president summarizes the new guild effort to meet these challenges into simplest sentences “we are, we can”.

Addressing the audience, Dr Dariya MUKAMUSONI, the Deputy Vice chancellor urges students to work hard today in order to prepare a better future “what you do in today, makes your future”. He reminded students that the executive committee is the channel of communication between students and authorities.

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