Rural Development

Rwanda is a member of EAC and CEPGL, and has recently integrated the Commonwealth; but the economic situation and the general status of enterprises is still low for different reasons.

There is need to train the Rwandan Community to the entrepreneurial spirit. It is in this perspective that the program of rural development was designed to prepare students for a variety of career opportunities requiring good qualification in rural sciences skills.

To live in remote areas is not to live miserably, but these areas have a lot to do, so we have to develop our regions based on strong and sustainable milestones. KP is proud to see our contribution shining towards the positive improvement in development. The positive changes will come through our own initiatives and knowledge sharing.

The dream is wide but the reality is perfect, and the alternative solutions are found with our training. Career opportunities include: Agronomist, Rural Development Technician, Business etc. Furthermore, this programme was designed to prepare students to serve both public and private institutions at the national and international levels.

The major modules that will be taught in this programme must allow the laureate to be a multipurpose technician who can understand the rural problems, and accompany the rural dwellers in the process of changing their mentality and their environment and undertake development activities. Students may study for Diploma, Advanced Diploma or the Bachelor's Degree. In order to be awarded a Bachelor's Degree, the student must successfully complete all the modules listed.


Key Facts

Award Type: BA(Hons)/Advanced Diploma/Diploma in Development Studies (Rural Development)
Level: Undergraduate
Study mode: Daytime, Evenings or Weekends
Delivery Method: Standard.
Course Length: Diploma- 2 years; BA(Hons)- 3years
Start Month: September; March
Entry requirements: Successful completion of secondary L6; Two principal passes; ability to study in English. Physically in good health

In line with our policy of continual improvement, all programs are subject to change.