Department of Theology

Program Description

This programme will give students a competitive and quality knowledge at the national and international level; giving intellectual, moral, professional and scientific knowledge of religious sciences and promoting research in this domain; forming men and women capable of understanding the history and practice of the Christian religion to meet the needs of society and the challenges of the church; upholding faith while promoting the spirit of ecumenism, tolerance in a pluralistic world and facilitating an inter-religious dialogue through research centers and publications.

Students who successfully complete this programme will be equipped enough to understand the Christian religion, which will allow them to provide service to society as pastors or teachers of the religion and morality. They will also be able to work for national and international ecumenical organizations.

Diploma/BA in Theology and Philosophy

Level I Modules
Philosophy, Ethics & Rwandan Culture Elementary Biblical Languages
Introduction to Communication Skills & IT Introduction to Practical Theology & Worship
Biblical Studies Social & Human Sciences I
Level II Modules
Church & Religious History Christian Education
Biblical Studies II Worship Study
Intermediate Biblical studies World Religions
Social and Human Sciences II
Level II Modules
Christian Leadership Peace and Reconciliation
Applied Theology New Testament Greek
Old Testament Hebrew Preaching and Communication
Level IV Modules
Pastoral Care Placement
Current Issues in Theology New Testament Greek
Church Management

Key Facts

Award Type: BA in Theology
Level: Undergraduate
Study mode: Evenings or Block mode
Delivery Method: Standard
Course Length: Degree - 3 years
Start Month: Sept
Entry requirements: Successful completion of secondary L6; ability to study in English