Welcome to the ZAMUKA FUND Fundraising:



Kibogora Polytechnic (KP), a Higher Learning Institution founded by Free Methodist Church in Rwanda (FMCR); supports selected strong students who are very poor and unable to continue their studies in higher learning institutions.



KP started teaching and learning activities during 2012/2013 academic year, and on 7th November 2015 held successfully the first graduation ceremony for 265 graduated in the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Health Sciences,
  • Faculty of Education,
  • Faculty of Business and Development Studies),
  • Department of Theology.

KP has the vision to promote education of quality in Rwanda and has been a solution for those seeking higher learning educations in Western province particularly and in whole country and the region in general; 

In the framework of education for all, KP intends to motivate the students by regular reading, hardworking, doing intensive researches and many other related activities which aim at promoting quality education. KP also wants to support students whose academic results are very good but who are very poor and hence unable to pay their tuition to their further studies.



  • To give loans to such students who will have to pay back to the institution after completing their studies and once employed.  
  • To give the half or the total tuition to students who have performed excellently through innovating practices in their studies or during field researches.
  • To prepare competitions or reward the first winners in reading, ICT, Art, literature, innovation and many other related activities to motivate the students to study harder and do more researches 

To support the best performers who graduated from KP to continue their studies at the Masters’ level. 

Your fund is needed. For sure it will affect education quality of Rwandan children.

You will kindly deposit on the following Bank account No:



N0:  00267 07726900-70 opened in Bank of Kigali (BK)