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Advanced Diploma in Midwifery

Program Duration
3 Years=6 Semesters
Entry Requirements
Combinations: PCB,MCB with 2principal passes(at least Letter D) in Bilogy and Chemistry
Program Award
Advanced Diploma in Midwifery
Study Mode
Cost per Term
Cost per Term

Practice activities

The Midwifery program offered in KP is accredited by the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and National Council of Nurses and Midwifery (NCNM).

The overall aim of the midwifery program is to prepare competent midwives who can contribute to effective planning and delivery of health care based on patient centered approach.

At the end of the program, graduates are offered an Advanced Diplomas in Midwifery.

All students midwives must achieve national and international standards of midwifery practice. Midwifery students are equipped for Maternal and Neo-natal practice.


To contribute to the transformation of the Rwandan health care system as critical component of individual wellbeing and sustainable national development.


To provide its graduates with the knowledge, skills and attitude to contribute to the development of Rwandan society by improving the quality of maternal, neonatal and child health and contribute to the reduction of maternal, neonatal and child mortality and morbidity.

Department Philosophy

In keeping with the motto of Kibogora polytechnic, the midwifery program holds the core values of science, conscience and faith.

Practice activities

Program Modules
H101 Philosophy, Ethics and Rwandan Culture
H102 ICT & Communication Skills
H103 Psychosocial Sciences
H104 Anatomy & Physiology I
H105 Fundamentals of Nursing & Midwifery I
H106 Biomedical Sciences
H150 Clinical Placement I
H153 Fundamentals of Nursing &Midwifery II
H154 Anatomy and Physiology II
H155 Fundamental of Community Health I
H201 Clinical Pharmacology
H202 Health Assessment
H203 Pathophysiology
H222 Midwifery Sciences I
H200 Clinical Placement II
H251 Tropical and Communicable Diseases
H252 Research Methods & Evidence-Based Practice
H253 Community Health
H250 Clinical Placement III
H302 Reproductive Health
H303 Child Health I
H314 Child Health II
H300 Clinical Placement IV
H325 Midwifery Sciences II
H326 Adult and Women's Health
H452 Mental Health
H453 Leadership & Management
H450 Clinical Placement V