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Kibogora Polytechnic Journal-Call for Papers

Kibogora Polytechnic Scientific Journal

Print ISSN: 2616-7492

 Online ISSN: 2616-7506

DOI: 10.33618/KPScJ

Submission open for December - 2021

Kibogora Polytechnic Scientific Journal (KPScJ) is a peer-reviewed, open access, and scholarly journal that publishes Original Research Articles, Case Reports, Review Articles, Commentaries, New Approaches, and Conference Proceedings. It covers a wide range of areas including health sciences, business, information technology, economics, education, theology, social sciences and related disciplines

Date of Publishing: KPScJ is inviting papers for Vol. 2 No.1 to be published as soon as the review process is ended.


  • Every accepted paper is immediately published without waiting other papers to cover the issue as decided by the editorial office.
  • There is no submission and publication fees.
  • The published papers will be openly accessed by all scholars and other users who may need it.

Send your manuscript to the journal submission portal at

For More clarifications, or challenge, please contact the office of Editor at or