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In collaboration with University of Lancashire,KP succeeds its final bid of eSTAR

One of Rwanda's major SDGs is the improvement of quality education by increasing the number  of adequately trained teachers. In 2017, Rwanda adopted a new Physics secondary curriculum where astronomy plays an important role.

Teachers, particularly in rural areas, are unprepared to deliver this material, let alone wider science topics. eSTAR will take an action research approach to on-going science teaching practices in Rwanda, and examine the role regional universities play in being science hubs, enhancing secondary school development. Based in Kibogora Polytechnic (KP, a regional university-level institution accredited by the Minister of Education in 2015), the project builds on eight years of collaboration between KP and UCLan Schools and Services.

We will collaborate with Rwandan colleagues to investigate, outline and start introducing up-to-date teaching methods with curriculum-linked astronomical examples, alongside a hub and spoke model of KP with its local schools to deliver ongoing inspiration, support and guidance. eSTAR will: bring an international team with subject/pedagogy expertise to Rwanda to undertake research and CPD workshops alongside Rwandan academics; support 60 teachers from the region with a three-day workshop at KP to establish research baselines and development trajectories; equip participating teachers with basic telescope kits and guides; train KP researchers to gather data for science capital research and monitor project effectiveness.

  slot deposit 5000