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KP Welcomes new students for Academic Year 2019-2020

Welcome to New Students Congratulations on your choice of Kibogora Polytechnic for your degree level studies! You have been admitted  into one of the most dynamic and exciting higher learning institutions in Rwanda.

Be sure to make full use of our learning facilities, attending all your scheduled classes and making full use of the Moodle installation which will allow you to learn beyond the classroom walls. Your teachers are all well qualified and experienced so be sure to engage with them. They will encourage you to work in groups with other students so that you can learn from each other and with each other. They want every single student to achieve their potential, and to secure the best possible jobs when they graduate, so really put your effort into your studies and strive for the very best grades.

You are now a member of our academic community of staff and students and we hope you will play the fullest part in extra-curricular activities. We have a vibrant Students Union which organises clubs and societies, we have many choirs and days of prayer, and days of helping our surrounding community. Do use the sports facilities and enjoy our stunning surroundings. We cherish student feedback.

Our responsiveness to student feedback has established KP as a university which really cares about its students. We seek and study feedback from all students on their modules, and we have a system of class representatives to interact with the staff of the Department in which you are registered. The Students Union represents all general student matters to the Vice Chancellor and her management team. Not everyone sails through three years of study without problems. Academic problems can be directed to your teachers and the Head of Department. For personal problems be assured that the Dean of Students, the Students Union and the Chaplaincy are all available to give you support. Do not struggle alone. We pray that you will look back on your time at KP as the most enjoyable time of your life  make the most of it! The Vice-Chancellor and Senior Management Team

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